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I remember one of the first dates my husband took me on. He was dying to take me to a sushi place near his home. I broke the news to him that I don’t eat fish or seafood of any kind. After my admission, he told me it wasn’t a problem because he also doesn’t eat fish or seafood of any kind…I was so confused (but elated at the same time). I proceeded to ask why he wanted to take me to this place when neither of us eats seafood and he said, “they have some of the best chicken sushi!” I had never heard of chicken sushi, but agreed to give it a try after questioning him more about what it entailed. A few weeks after our dinner, we were at the grocery store looking for something to make for dinner when I saw some seaweed. Knowing he had a rice cooker, I asked what he thought of us making homemade sushi and suggested we use chicken nuggets because they’re quick and easy. He agreed to give it a go and 6 and ½ years later we’re still constructing our own sushi. We like dipping our sushi in Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, Eel Sauce or Soy Sauce. :) Enjoy!

homemade sushi dinner

homemade sushi dinner


homemade sushi ingredients

homemade sushi ingredients

1/3 Cup Cooked Sushi Rice (per Roll)
1 – 4” x 8” Sheet Sushi Nori (per Roll – I buy the large flat 8” x 8” sheets of seaweed and cut them in half for easy assembly)
1 Bowl Cold Water (Used to Seal Rolls)

Choose Your Filling:
– ¼ Cup Fresh Cucumber, Peeled, Seeded and Julienned (per Roll)
– 2 oz Fresh Avocado, Pealed, Pitted and Julienned (per Roll)
– 2 Cooked Chicken Nuggets (per Roll – I use Perdue Frozen Whole Grain Chicken Breast Nuggets as I haven’t figured out how to tempura anything yet. NOTE: Perdue also sells Whole Grain Chicken Breast Tenders, but our grocery store only carries the “Cars” version now…really any form of Cooked Chicken will work well! )
– Sesame Seeds (Optional – we like to sprinkle these on the rolls to add texture; they’re especially good on the Chicken Roll)


Cook rice in rice cooker, or on stove, according to package directions. Let rice stand 5 minutes, or until cool enough to touch. Do not let the rice get too cold; if you’re making sushi with chicken filling you want the rice to be warm when eating. I also find the rice to be more manageable when warm.

homemade sushi - cooking rice, julienned cucumber and avocado, workstation setup

homemade sushi – cooking rice, julienned cucumber and avocado, workstation setup

Place 1 piece of seaweed on a plate or work surface. Spread 1/3 cup cooked rice over one half (1/2) to two thirds (2/3) of the seaweed. Place filling of your choice in the center of the rice. Dip fingers in cold water and spread over remaining one half (1/2) to one third (1/3) seaweed, lightly saturating the surface so it won’t crumble when rolled. Roll sushi, starting by folding the rice over the filling and tucking into the other side. Continue rolling the sushi until closed. Dip your pointer finger in the cold water and smooth seam of seaweed to seal roll.

homemade sushi - filling the rolls

homemade sushi – filling the rolls

Repeat the above until all rolls have been constructed. Using a sharp knife cut rolls into 5 pieces each and arrange on a plate. Serve immediately.

homemade sushi - cucumber roll, chicken roll and avocado roll (whole, sliced and plated)

homemade sushi – cucumber roll, chicken roll and avocado roll (whole, sliced and plated)

Yields 3 Sushi Rolls, 15 Pieces total

Weight Watchers:
Cucumber Roll: 1= 3 points plus; 2 = 6 points plus; 3 = 9 points plus
Avocado Roll: 1= 4 points plus; 2 = 9 points plus; 3 = 13 points plus
Chicken Roll: 1= 5 points plus; 2 = 10 points plus; 3 = 15 points plus

3 thoughts on “homemade sushi

    • Cooking the rice takes the longest amount of time, so it depends upon how many rolls you’re making. Once the rice is cooked it only takes about 10 minutes to construct the rolls, because you can cut the veggies or bake the chicken while the rice is cooking. All in all it takes me 30 minutes if it’s just me and about 45 if I’m making enough for 2 people. I hope this helps!

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