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andreaHi! My name is Andrea and I absolutely LOVE to cook and bake; in fact I’d say it’s my hobby. Most people don’t take my love of food seriously because I’m a picky eater, but I believe picky eaters can be foodies too – there’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like!!

Everyone I’ve ever known has told me I’m probably the pickiest eater they’ve ever met! Let’s just say the list of foods I DO eat is far shorter than the list of those I don’t. When I was younger I went to sleep multiple nights a week without dinner because I wouldn’t eat what was put in front of me. The only way I would eat french fries was if they came from McDonald’s, so my parents purchased McDonald’s french fry sleeves and put store bought frozen french fries in them and put them on my dinner plate pretending they came from McDonald’s; my brothers would always ask how come I got fries from McDonald’s and they didn’t. As it stands, the only form of potatoes I eat are french fries (and they must be shoestring or curly type because steak fries, potato wedges and home fries taste too much like actual potatoes to me) – I think it’s a consistency thing. I remember I ate green beans one time without fussing and from then on I was forced to eat them – even though I still didn’t like them; my brothers use to hold raw onions up to my nose while I tried to down the ¼ cup of green beans dowsed in ketchup on my plate just so I could leave the table to play. To this day, the sight and smell of green beans make me gag!! Oh the stories I could share… When I was in High School someone told me I was un-American because I don’t like Mac and Cheese. I’ve always had a hard time going to family or friend’s homes simply because I never know if I’ll be able to find something I’ll eat. Now that I am older, numerous people confuse my pickiness for me being a vegetarian; truth is I despise almost every salad so I’d never survive as a vegetarian…

I created this blog because no matter where I dine or what recipe I find there is inevitably something I need to change in order to enjoy the meal and not spend forever picking around what I don’t like. I’ve learned to be inventive and take things I’ve read or seen on TV and transform them into something delicious. I have my husband to thank for always being my guinea pig!

Thank you for checking out my blog, and remember picky eaters can be foodies too :) Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “finicky foreword

  1. Great idea Andrea! I totally agree that finicky eaters can be foodies too! I too am a picky eater but LOVE food (although sometimes my chef husband gets frustrated with my pickyness). I’m excited to read your posts and get some great recipe ideas – on top of the ones you’ve already given me. =)

  2. LMAO That was Joe or Rob that called you Un-American wasn’t it? And I remember we bought a different kind of orange juice than your family so when you slept over when we were in elementary school, even though our brand was “pulp free” my mom would strain it twice for you in the morning so you could drink it!! But that’s ok because now we have funny stories… :D

  3. Great Blog! I love the simplicity of the recipes and the layout with good clear photos. I look forward to updates. I’ll share some recipes with you and be curious to see how you adapt them if at all!

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